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Kim Phil

Contents insurance - flat mate

Does a household insurance count for my flat mates belongings or the shared items as well? 
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  • Monday, 04.02.2019 um 11:08 Uhr
Hello there

If you sign a contract with Allianz for more than one person, your shared belongings are protected against certain risks. For example, in the event of fire or theft, the items would be covered. However the household contents amount must be correctly determined and it has to be a police for more than one person. I would be happy to send you an offer. What must be taken into account, however, is that damage caused by you to your roommate's belongings - or vice versa - is not insured. Private liability insurance is therefore not valid within the same household.

Splitsurance was recently launched to solve this problem. Splitsurance is an innovative product that is precisely tailored to the needs of shared flats. Damage that you cause to your roommate's belongings - and vice versa - can be covered with Splitsurance. Payment is made by credit card. The premium can be divided fairly between different people. Easy and fast. All information can be found here:

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